The Dovedale Towers – Liverpool


Behold, intrepid explorer…you have uncovered our secret map into the unknown. Now you’ve enjoyed every drop of that Neck Oil and have stepped outside, you’re ready to explore some extraordinary hidden destinations. By following the guided route below, you’ll unearth wonders that are out of this world.

The Dovedale Towers - Liverpool

From the Dovedale Towers, walk north-east on Penny Lane, noting the Beatles references as you go. Head south-east on Allerton Road, before heading east on Calderstones Road and entering Calderstones Park. The prehistoric Calder Stones can be visited in a new setting next to the Mansion House within the park. They are thought to be the remains of chambered tomb erected some 4,800 years ago. 

Not far from the Mansion House is the Allerton Oak, a thousand-year-old oak tree. Folklore holds it was the site of an ancient law court, and that its trunk was cracked by a Victorian gunpowder explosion. From the oak tree, head south-east to leave the park and join Beaconsfield Road to visit the Strawberry Field gardens that inspired John Lennon to write his psychedelic masterpiece. 

From the roundabout at the end of Beaconsfield road, head south on Church Road to visit top off the Beatles vibes with a visit to Eleanor Rigby’s grave, located in St Peter’s Church. Macca maintains the borrowing of the name was unconscious. A plaque on the village hall opposite the church commemorates John and Paul’s first meeting in the hall in 1957.  

Approximately 5km