The Turing Tap – Manchester


Behold, intrepid explorer…you have uncovered our secret map into the unknown. Now you’ve enjoyed every drop of that Neck Oil and have stepped outside, you’re ready to explore some extraordinary hidden destinations. By following the guided route below, you’ll unearth wonders that are out of this world.

The Turing Tap – Manchester

From the Turing Tap, head north on Oxford Road to the Old Quad of Manchester University through the arch of the Whitworth Building. Here, an enormous volcanic boulder sits proudly on a plinth. During the Ice Age, around 20,000 years ago, the boulder was shifted from the Lake District to lie below what would become Oxford Road in Manchester. It was eventually disturbed by Victorian workers and installed in the Old Quad. 

Continue north-west along Oxford Road before turning right on Grosvenor Street and using paths and underpasses to join up with Sackville Street. Follow the road until you arrive at Vimto Park, which houses a bizarre sculpture of a Vimto bottle. The drink, flavoured with fruits, herbs and spices, was initially brewed in Manchester and retains a cult following. Suitably refreshed, you could check out the nearby apple trees. They are grafts of the very tree under which Isaac Newton was sitting when he conceived the theory of gravity. 

Continue north on Sackville Street to Sackville Garden. Here you’ll find a memorial to Alan Turing. The great computer scientist is sat on a bench in contemplation, with his own apple in hand. Continuing on Sackville Street, and taking a right on Portland Street, you could wind up at the Circus Tavern. This tiny pub is said to have the smallest bar in Europe. 

Approximately 3km