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Pint Glasses FAQs

A pint glass can hold 568ml of your favourite beer. 

That’s a bit more than a standard tub of cookie dough ice cream, around 10% of the amount of blood in the human body, and far too much gravy to chug in one go. 

Alternatively, our tumbler glasses can hold a can of your favourite Beavertown beer.

Some pint glasses have a bulge about 2/3rds of the way up. It might look weird but these bumps actually have a function. They help you hold onto your beer – even when the glass is covered in condensation. And they are easier to stack (helpful for bar staff). And if your mate gets a bit too enthusiastic telling you about their weekend and knocks over your glass, the rim won’t crack or chip.

Some pint glasses have things called widgets at the bottom. No, they don’t tell you the weather. They actually help keep the fizz in your beer and stop it from losing its head. Beavertown glasses have a widget of our skull logo etched into the bottom – he watches you as you drink.

For a short time, yes. Make sure your glass is cold (a warm glass from the dishwasher will probably crack in the cold of the freezer) and don’t leave it longer than an hour. If you don’t want to risk cracking your Beavertown glass, fill it with cold water and ice to chill the glass before filling it with beer.

If you’re not too busy drinking your pint of Neck Oil, you might have noticed that pint glasses tend to have a series of numbers and letters printed on the side. The number tells you the year the glass was made and the big CE or UKCA marks just mean that the glass meets all the right health and safety rules.