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Glass Sets FAQs

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You mean other than the fact that they’re Beavertown and so already the best? A Beavertown beer glass makes a stellar gift for any Beavertown fan. And they make our beer taste even better. Fact.

Our laser beams won’t engrave your message into a glass for you. But you can totally leave a gift message in your order to let your giftee know how great they are from across the galaxy.

The best way to store your beer glasses is upright in a cupboard. Wild, we know. But that’s because the wim of the glass, the bit you drink from, is the most delicate part. So storing them upright is the best way to stop them from being chipped or dirty.

Both our pint glasses and tumbler glasses are stackable. But if you want to keep them in stellar condition, storing them side by side is best. Plus lining them up looks oh so good in your cupboards.

Obviously. There’s pretty much nothing better than a cold beer. Other than a cold beer drunk (responsibly) from a matching Beavertown glass. And we have a bunch of cool designs to choose from. So you can complete your collection. Or legitimise your mate’s selection he’s nicked from the pub.

It might be boring but you definitely need to wash your glasses after you’ve used them. To keep your Beavertown glasses looking brand new, it’s best to pull on the rubber gloves (stylish) and clean by hand. They can go in the dishwasher, but that can make the designs fade.