Buy Beer in Bulk

Are you looking to order Beavertown in bulk? Maybe it’s for a special occasion like a wedding, maybe Sue from Accounts is getting cloned, maybe you just want to restock the office fridge? Whatever the reason, you’re in the right place! Use our wedding calculator here to work out how much you need.
Minimum order of 10 cases
Order 10 cases - save 3%
Order 15 cases - save 5%
Order 20+ cases - save 8%

Delivery Cost

Any items bought through bulk orders must not be used for resale.

Your order will be delivered on a pallet (a big bit of wood that needs some equipment to be lifted off the truck). If that's too much to handle or you're just not sure what we're talking about, please email us at

Need something more bespoke?

For an out-of-this-world Beavertown experience, contact us and we can help you plan your event!


Bulk Orders FAQs

We can’t deliver to flats without lift access, down narrow roads, or to spaceships. We need plenty of space and good access. There are also some areas of the Scottish highlands and remote areas that can be a struggle to deliver to.

Delivery estimate will be given at checkout! And your beers should be drunk as soon as possible. So It’s best to order your bulk beer at least a week ahead – to make sure to get them in time for the event and so they’re as fresh as possible.

All of your favourites! Bones lager, Gamma Ray and Neck Oil are all available. We also offer Lazer Crush in bulk for your designated drivers. And we offer a mixed case of our Core Craft Beers which features a bunch of our classic Beavertown brews: Neck Oil, Bones, Satellite, Gamma Ray, Neck Oil, Lunar Haze and Lupuloid. So you get a real variety of everything.

If you order 10 cases (the minimum order), you save 10% on your beer than if you were buying them individually. 15 cases = 15%. 20 cases = 20%. You get the jist.

Whether you’re getting hitched, celebrating a birthday, or Carol in HR is retiring to go and meditate on the moon or something, a bulk Beavertown order is always a good idea. 

First, work out how many beers you need. You can use our nifty beer calculator for that (coming soon).

Then, select your cases. We sell our best beers in full cases of 24. And a minimum order size of 10 cases. 

Pay and wait – well beam your beers right to your doorstep. Or office lobby. Or a spaceship loading bay.