There are two major players in the beer flavour game. ABV and IBU – AKA the flavour-makers of any good beer.

ABV stands for “alcohol by volume” and basically tells you how alcoholic a beer is. Alcohol can affect the taste of a beer – a higher ABV can make a beer taste more bitter and neutralise the flavour.

IBU stands for “international bitterness unit” – basically a fancy measurement for the number of bitter flavours in a beer. The scale starts at zero and has no end limit. Humans can’t taste IBU above 120, so most beers fall somewhere between a 5 and 120.

Most kinds of beer can be classed as either a lager or an ale. Basically, the physical difference is that lager is made with yeast that ferments at the bottom of the mixture, while ales ferment at the top.


Lager is brewed at low temperatures. These types of beers tend to have a lower ABV.If you’re looking for a lager that has that great flavour, get up close and personal with Bones. This (award-winning) lager is low in bitterness, high in flavour, and guaranteed to hit the spot from your first pint to your last. It’s just dead good lager, done right.

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Beavertown Brewery Case of 24 Gamma Ray American Pale Ale and Neck Oil Session IPA. Image zoomed in on 4 columns of stacked Gamma Ray and Neck Oil cans.  Small blue banner in top right of image with white text noting 'I'm in the Skullscription!'

Pale Ale

Pale ales have been around for a LONG time. They may not look all that pale in colour sometimes, but compared to the darker-coloured drinks that were popular before them, they’re pretty light. They're hoppy and rich with some citrus zest and fruit flavours in there too. IPA, APA, and Hazy IPA are all types of pale ales. Depending on the type, the ABV can range from 4% to 12%.



IPA stands for India Pale Ale. This hoppy brew was the answer to the East India Trading Company’s problem of not being able to drink beer on long boat journeys. Looking for a stellar IPA that has literally won gold awards? Go loopy for Lupuloid. It’s got some serious mango and papaya flavours with a tropical hit and a nice, crisp, dry finish.

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Session IPA

Session IPAs were named after the grand ol’ British activity of spending long afternoons sipping low-booze beer with your mates. Basically they're less hoppy, less boozy with more malty notes.Neck Oil is our anytime IPA which is light and crisp with an earthy undertone to it.

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Super Session IPA

A super session IPA is like a session IPA…but super! It’s lighter on the booze but uncompromising on the flavour. Satellite's the perfect thirst-quencher to pull together a park picnic or a weeknight beer. Satellite, beer in cosmic harmony.


American Pale Ale

IPAs remained basically unchanged for about 2 centuries until the micro-brewery scene blew up in 1980’s USA. The American Pale Ale was born – smooth, low bitterness, and totally drinkable!Gamma Ray is our original icon. Inspired by Californian-style APAs, this easy-drinker is smooth and refreshing with a zap of zesty, bold flavours.

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Hazy IPA

These brews have everything you love about normal IPAs – hoppy, zesty, citrusy goodness – but add an extra step to their fermentation which gives them a cloudy appearance and intense tropical flavour.Our hazy IPA giants are here to quench your thirst. From the intense citrus smash of Space Hulk to radiant tropical flavours of Solar Flare, hazy IPAs are big on flavour.

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Alcohol Free

There’s a couple of different ways that alcohol-free beer is made – one is by removing the alcohol after the beer is brewed, the other is by using a clever strain of yeast that doesn’t produce alcohol during fermentation.For Lazer Crush, we use yeast that fully ferments without producing alcohol and add plenty of peachy fruit with a zap of hoppy bitterness.