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Beer Bundles FAQs

Beer, obvs. But also one of our famous, extremely stealable beer glasses. But you’ll be able to boast to your mates that you got this one through totally legit means. And you might even be able to get a design to can’t nick from the pub – even more bragging rights. The only exception is the Spresso bundle. It doesn’t come with a glass but with a bag of pretty frickin’ delicious coffee from Climpson & Sons instead. 

Kind of. The design is dependent on the bundle – you wouldn’t have Neck Oil design with a Lunar Haze bundle, you heathen. But you can choose between pint glasses or tumbler glasses. Pint glasses fit… well… a pint. Tumbler glasses are the perfect size for a can of your favourite Beavertown beer.

It depends on the beer and how many you buy! 

A bundle is a great way to give a gift or is a fun way to explore new Beavertown beers. But the prices differ depending on the number of beers you get. 

For example, our core craft beer bumper bundle (try saying that 5 times fast) comes with 18 beers and a glass for £40 while most of our other bundles are £20 for 8 beers and a glass. 

Meanwhile A case of 12 Neck Oil costs £24, meaning each beer is £2. Cheaper and buying them individually from the shops. But our mixed cases change in price depending on which beers are included. 

So really it depends what you want and how many beers you need. And how much maths you want to do.