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How Much Beer Do I Need for My Wedding?

It doesn’t matter what planet you’re from, there is one fact that is universally understood. Weddings are the best. When else can you get dressed up in your best (space) suit, do the Macarena, and be mildly irresponsible with the amount that you drink? And, obviously, marrying your partner. That’s a big deal too. 

So how do you work out how much wedding beer to buy for your guests? And what do you serve them? We’ve got you covered.

How Much Beer to Buy for a Wedding?

As a general rule of thumb, only about a third of your guests will drink beer. A tragedy, we know. The other 2/3rds of guests will drink wine, spirits, and non-alcoholic drinks. You use this information as well as the length of your wedding to work out how much of each drink type to order. 

The general formula goes: Number of adult guests x Number of hours / 3 = wedding beers.

That’s just a basic way to work it out. But if you know that your guests are big beer drinkers, and will spend the night double parked, or only a few people drink, you can adjust the numbers accordingly. You know your guests best after all.

Check out our nifty wedding beer calculator to help you work out which wedding beers to order. 

What Type of Beer Should You Buy for Your Wedding

Even if you’re a die hard Neck Oil fan, it’s a good idea to offer your guests a variety of different beers. Lupuloid for the hardcore fans, Gamma Ray for the APA enjoyers, and your designated drivers will probably appreciate a stash of alcohol free and low alcohol beers like Lazer Crush

You might also want to think about the weather. Not (just) because that’s a favourite British pastime. But because some beers just suit sunny weather better. Summer sipping needs sunny flavours. Lager goes down a treat in the warmer months. While something earthier like Neck Oil is ultra tasty in the cooler weather. Or just drink whatever you want. We’re not your mum. 

How to Serve Beer at a Wedding

You COULD just chuck the cans at your guests. But why would you do that when there are so many other more fun ways to serve it?

Cool Beer Glasses

Drinking from a good glass makes our beer taste that much better. Beavertown glasses are the obvious choice. Our tumbler glasses perfectly fit one can of beer. So everyone can be sipping and enjoying themselves, and you won’t have a bunch of cans in your wedding photos. 

Beavertown glasses not matching the vibe of your wedding? We’re not mad, just disappointed. All jokes aside, unique drinkware can be a fun option and easy glass-identifying-system. In the lead up to your wedding, scour charity shops, antique boutiques, and your nan’s garage to find a unique glass for each guest. The result? Everyone gets their own glass to refill and keep track of throughout the day. And you won’t have to pay your photographer for extra photoshopping. 


You won’t need your passport for this flight. It’s a fun way to sample a few craft beers to really get to enjoy all those different flavours. Plus serving anything in tiny glasses is extra fun for some reason. 

Flights are a set of 3 or 4 small glasses and have a taster of a few different beers across the board. Perfect for serving with your meal or the cheese board during the reception. 

Shandy Station

We’ll admit that a shandy can be nice sometimes. It’s refreshing to drink and a good way to lower the amount of alcohol you drink. So setting up a shandy bar is a great option at a wedding. 

Offer lemonade, limeade, or any other citrus-y soft drink alongside a stock of Beavertown beer so people can mix their own. IPA works just as well as a lager, so stock up on Bones and Neck Oil while you’re at it. 

Why not make a sign showing the different ratios? And don’t forget the lemon wedges. 

Where to Buy Bulk Beer for Your Wedding

Some wedding venues will only let you order drinks through them. But if you’re lucky and they let you order in your own drinks you can order in bulk directly from us. That’s right, we’ll let you bulk buy beer in cases of 24 (minimum order of 10 cases). And you’ll not only get all your favourite beers, you’ll get a sweet little discount too. Plus, we've got a handy wedding calculator here too!