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How Many Calories Are In Beer? (Just Landed: Space Born)


When most of us drink a beer, we’re more focused on the crazy story our mate is telling (with napkins and cutlery as props) or enjoying the summer sun on our face more than that number on the label. But if you’re one of those humans who prefers to know how many calories are in your favourite Beavertown beer, we’ve got you covered. 

Life is about more than a few numbers on a label, but if you’re still curious, read on to find out how many calories are in beer and get to know our new beer, Space Born (spoiler alert: it has 98kcal)!. 

How are calories calculated in beer?

If you want to be a beer wizz, you can get a rough idea of your beer’s calorie count yourself – with the power of maths! The calories in beer are calculated using the ABV (alcohol percentage) multiplied by 2.5 and multiplying that number by the serving size (in ounces).

So ABV% x 2.5 x the ounces = an approx number of calories in your beer. 
A can of Beavertown beer is around 11.16 fluid ounces, for reference. It’s also worth noting that, in general, the higher the ABV of a beer, the more calories it has. 

How many calories are in Beavertown beer on average?

The number of calories in Beavertown beers is different for every beer, so it varies depending on what you’re sippin’. Are you a Gamma Ray person who loves the interstellar flavours it offers? Or are you more of a fruity-flavour lover and enjoy nothing more than a glass of Lazer Crush? Here are our most popular beers and how many calories you can (approximately) find in each can.

How many calories are in...? 


At just 98 calories per can, Space-Born is our brand new hazy pale ale beer. Space-Born brings all the flavour of a good beer with a gravity-defying level of calories. Crack it open, sip, and enjoy. 



This flavour heavyweight, alcohol lightweight champion has only 83 calories per can and is another great option for those who might be watching their calorie count. 



Nanobot might be mini when it comes to alcohol content (which means fewer calories, too), but it’s mighty in flavour! Light and crisp with a zap of hoppy brightness and juicy pineapple. It’s a super session IPA, so it’s super low on the booze while still tasting totally out-of-this-world and has 86 calories per can – easy sippin’ any time. 



Down to Earth with a light and refreshing flavour, Neck Oil is our champion Session IPA. It’s the perfect balance of interstellar hoppy flavours and earthy notes. Neck oil has an ABV of 4.3% and a calorie count of 122 calories per can. The light and zingy taste of Neck Oil is the perfect place to start your craft beer journey. Always refreshing. Always easy to drink (responsibly obvs).



Gamma Ray is our original craft beer icon. Our American dream. Inspired by those great pale ales from California’s Pacific coast. It’s bold and refreshing with a zap of bold American flavours that we love. 

This out-of-this-world, rich and refreshing APA has an ABV of 5.4% and has around 150 calories per can. 


[Psst… Down here!]

If you are looking for a lower calorie beer (without missing out on the booze), then Space Born is the shining star in this beer galaxy. Also, don’t forget to pick up some Beavertown Barware to enjoy your Space-Born in, too! And make sure you don’t drink and fly your spaceship!