Want to explore the world of Beavertown outside of your spaceship? Sometimes a cold beer indoors just won't venture out onto Planet Earth and find a nice cold pint at your local pub. Click on the images below to find your favourite Beavertown pint.


So you really fancy a pint of Beavertown. And you use our beer finder to check if your local sells Beavertown. But they don’t show up. Why?

Well there could be two reasons why:

  1. Your local does serve Beavertown but it just doesn’t show up on the map - we try to keep this map as up-to-date as possible but pub taps change daily!
  2. Your local doesn’t serve Beavertown beers at all – sad. We’d suggest going somewhere else ;)

If it turns out that your local serves Beavertown but it doesn’t show up on our beer finder map, you can totally help us fix this by emailing us at

 If they don’t serve it, you can request that they add it to their offerings by speaking to the manager. If the pub is an independently owned one, this might even be the owner who is in charge of what they stock. But if it’s a chain, the manager will have to raise it with “corporate”. So it’s not a guarantee that they’ll stock us but it could help get Beavertown to more thirsty mouths.

While Beavertown beers taste out-of-this-world no matter how to sip them, many beer connoisseurs reckon that beer tastes better on tap. Something to do with freshness (Beavertown beer should always be drunk fresh though so that’s not a problem for our cans) and the pressure of the kegs. Not to mention that kegs are kept at the perfect, crisp temperature to keep your beer tasting its best (which is why you don’t want to drink that canned beer warm, either).

If none of your local pubs serve Beavertown, don’t be sad – you can still enjoy it in other ways!

Plenty of big supermarket chains sell our beers. So check out the beer aisle of your local:

  • Tesco
  • Sainsbury’s
  • Waitrose
  • Morissons
  • ASDA
  • Many many more…

Or, you could order your favourite Beavertown beers from our website. We sell all of our beers on our website in cases of 12, 24, and 48 (and more if you’re ordering for an event). All you need to do is checkout with the beers you want and we’ll take care of the rest – beaming your order down onto your doorstep. Super easy. And you don’t even have to leave your seat.