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By buying in bulk you can save up to 20%, depending on how many cases you buy. It’s a no-brainer. 

Just think of the joy that seeing Neck Oil at a wedding brings. Forget for a minute the dresses and speeches, there are few finer sights than Neck Oil at a wedding.

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Delivery Information

Cost of delivery depends on how much you order, but the good news is that it goes straight to the venue. All we’ll need for bulk delivery is space. We can’t deliver to difficult to reach locations, like flats, narrow roads, or subterranean lairs.

Choose your wedding beer

Alcohol Free

Driving or not drinking at a wedding needn’t be a chore. Lazer Crush is light on alcohol and heavy on flavour, with sweet orange zestiness and grapefruit bitterness.


Neck Oil. The Beavertown classic. Delicious, moreish, light & zingy. Helps improve speeches by approximately 600%.


A crisp, refreshing thirst-quencher. Smooth with low bitterness – which is all you can really hope for from a wedding.

Pale Ale

Lend proceedings a Californian Pacific Coast twang with some Gamma Ray. Rich and refreshing flavours for the Craft Beer enthusiasts, most likely on the fringes of the dancefloor.
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Low Alcohol

Pace yourself and dramatically reduce the chances of being captured in incriminating photographs with Satellite, our 2.8% super session thirst-quencher with tropical pineapple and peach.

Wedding drinks calculator

Nothing says ‘A lifetime of romantic life-long commitment’ like our Wedding Beer Calculator. This will help you work out roughly how much beer you’ll need.

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For The Table
How many beer cans for the table?
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Approximate Totals

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When it comes to weddings, all you need is something old, something new, something borrowed and something Beavertown.

Bulk order FAQs

Probably! Because of the size of the order, we can’t deliver to hard-to-reach places like spaceships. But other than that, if there’s good access we can deliver there. There'll be lots of beers being delivered so we need lots of room!

Whether they’re toasting the happy couple, doing the Cha Cha Slide, or making small talk with the bride’s great grandma, Beavertown is the best way to get everyone limbered up and ready for a good time. The number of beers you need for a wedding will depend on the number of guests so it’s time to count (adult) heads. 

As a general rule (snore), only about a third of wedding guests will want to drink beer (the rest are sipping wine or soft drinks) so working out the perfect number of beers will require a bit of maths (double snore). 

The formula: (Number of guests x number of hours) ÷ 3 

Or just use our wedding beer calculator above!

But this is just an estimate. If you know your mate is going to neck more than his allocated number of Neck Oil, you’ll probably want to stock up a bit more – you know your guests best!

It’s the big day. The weather is perfect. Your guests have arrived. The tears were flowing when you said your I do’s. Can it get any better? Turns out YES! You have a fully stocked bar to look forward to.

The best beer to enjoy at a wedding are ones that taste good and go down well – in other words, Beavertown. Whether you choose pale ales, lagers, or IPAs, you can’t go wrong.

There are some things you just have to leave to the professionals. Electrical work is one of them. And helicopter stunts probably. 

But some things you can do yourself. Like stocking your wedding bar with everyone’s favourite drinks. As long as your venue allows it. Not only does a DIY wedding bar allow you to choose every beer served, it gives flexibility for the location. Summer, outdoor wedding? No problem. Getting married in an ice cave at Christmas? Why not? Tying the knot on an alien planet? Beers for everyone!

But better leave the beer brewing up to the professions though (us).

Your venue probably has a decent fridge you could borrow. But if you’re getting married somewhere a bit remote, or if you’re putting together a DIY bar, you might need to hire one. Portable fridges or ice boxes keep your beers colder than a winter’s night on Pluto. 

Sorry, no. We only accept returns on our clothing items. So it’s up to you to make sure you work out how many beers you need. Or give them out to your mates at the end of the night.

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