Your Journey Awaits - Bath


Behold, intrepid explorer…you have uncovered our secret map into the unknown. Now you’ve enjoyed every drop of that Neck Oil and have stepped outside, you’re ready to explore some extraordinary hidden destinations. By following the guided route below, you’ll unearth wonders that are out of this world.

TBC – Bath

First - head east past the Royal Crescent to the Circus. Designed by John Wood in the eighteenth century, the Circus draws architectural inspiration from Stonehenge. Spot the acorns on the roofline, which are references to the Druids.

From the Circus, head south-east to Pulteney Bridge and Weir. There has been a weir at Pulteney Bridge for centuries, but its iconic ‘V’ shape was introduced in the 1970s. Walk over the picturesque Pulteney Bridge to find the Beazer Garden Maze. The maze is technically a labyrinth – wind your way to the centre to find a Roman-style mosaic resembling a startled Neptune. 

Head north-east along Great Poulteney Street before crossing the Kennet & Avon Canal and heading out of the city towards Bath Golf Club. Here, you will find the wonderful Sham Castle. This strange eighteenth-century folly was designed as an ‘eyecatcher’ to improve the view from a wealthy quarry-master’s Bath townhouse.

Approximately 3.5km