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11 Best Father’s Day Beers (Plus Extra Gifts 🎁) | Beavertown

With Father’s Day coming up (18th of June for those living on this planet), get your dad or that fab father figure in your life some out-of-this-world Father’s Day gifts. 

At Beavertown, we’ve got loads of cool stuff that dads will love. Trust us. And it’s not just beer gifts either, oh, no, no, no! We’ve got clothing fit for an interstellar space captain and the accessories to match. 

1. Father’s Day snack Bundle


So. Much. Beer! Our Father’s Day Bundle has all bases covered with 8 of our bestselling beers, our brand new summer psychedelic pint glass, a snack and a coaster. Iconic. Add in a thermostat, and it's the best gift on Earth.

2. Father’s Day ultimate Bundle

Like the Father’s Day Bundle…but bigger. You’re welcome. This bundle features 16 beers along with the psychedelic pint glass and a mug, coaster and a snack. The fridge will be stocked for weeks.

3. Beavertown x Spurs Gift Bundle

This Spurs gift bundle includes 2 of our best-selling Neck Oil beers, a Spurs coaster and a Spurs mug. Everyone will mistake him for an actual Spurs player with all this gear. Also, a hilarious gift if they actually support Arsenal.

4. Father’s Day Coaster

You can never have too many coasters. And our Father’s Day coaster is soft, round and smells faintly of beer, just like dads everywhere! 

5. Beavertown Mug

Hey, look, we have Beavertown mugs now. For drinks other than just beer. If your dad or favourite father figure can’t function in the morning without coffee stronger and hotter than a flaming meteor, this mug will be the perfect gift.

6. Bestseller Glass Bundle

Ditch the pint glasses he stole from the pub in the 70s and then present him with our best-selling glass bundle. Boom. Kitchen cupboard updated! He’ll love sitting out in the garden with the BBQ going and enjoying a cold beer in a cosmically cool glass.

7. Mixed Case of Specials

If you're the most indecisive human on the planet, get him every beer. Yes. All of them. Of course, he’ll probably struggle to decide which one to drink first, but that’s not a bad problem to have . This mixed case features all of our greatest hits like Neck Oil, Gamma Ray, Sunlight and Space-Born.

8. Summer Psychedelic Pint

Woah, our brand new summer psychedelic pint is here just in time for summer (and Father’s Day)! Everyone's new favourite glass. Guaranteed. Hand-drawn by our very own talented Nick Dwyer, this glass is an all-new design that features Gamma Man with his little pert space bum. Adorbs.

9. Blood of the Mariner T-shirt

Remember last Halloween when we released the best short film ever made, ‘Rime of the Ancient Mariner’? (Still waiting on our Oscar invitation…should be any day now). Well, we made this absolute number of a t-shirt to honour the cinematic masterpiece. If your dad saw the film and drank the beer, he can now have the Blood of the Mariner t-shirt to prove it!

10. Beavertown Gift Card

Can’t decide what to get? Or did you just forget? We don’t judge. Being a full-time human adult is busy! Luckily, you can get that father figure in your life a Beavertown gift card that will be sent to his email address faster than the speed of light. Beer tastes are personal, so give them the gift of choosing their own!

11. Bones Can Keyring

Ready to start a global debate? Here we go…are there more keys than keyrings in the world? You decide. 

While we can’t give your dad keys to his very own rocket ship, we can supply a funky keyring of his favourite beer. Our Bones Can Keyring is super popular and makes a great gift for all the key (and beer) enthusiasts out there.

Wanting more? Take a look at all of our legendary beer gifts and treat someone (or yourself) to all things Beavertown.