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Beers. Lederhosen. Wurst. Pigtails. These 4 words can mean only one thing…Oktoberfest is back in London!

So what is Oktoberfest? Well, once every year, London dons its finest moustache, bares its calves and celebrates oompah music, sausages and beers (responsibly ofc) to celebrate our Teutonic cousins. 

Where can I celebrate this wondrous event?

Here are 5 of our favourite pubs & venues putting the ‘BAR’ into ‘WUNDERBAR’: 

  1. Pergola Paddington – Head here throughout October for stein glasses big enough to bathe your dog in and where fancy dress is positively encouraged.
  2. Pop Brixton – Expect bratwurst, schnitzel, and if you’re not up on the tables dancing, something seriously wrong has happened.
  3. Vauxhall Beer Garden – Miles of long, traditional long tables, live music and…astroturf. If you squint enough, you could be in Munich.
  4. Beavertown Taproom – It’d be churlish not to include our very own temple of dreams on the list. Head here for an alternative Oktoberfest where lederhosen is welcomed and the beers are delicious.
  5. Katzenjammer – German for ‘Hangover’. London’s self-styled coolest Bierkeller is situated right next to Borough Market. If you’re a fan of a tuba, this is the place to be. 

And that is all you need to know to have the best Oktoberfest. Why not try it? What’s the wurst that could happen? Ah, puns.