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Crush January with Lazer Crush



Blast through the dense atmosphere of Planet January – with Lazer Crush. Join us as we turn up the volume to max and provide you with a few ideas to help you Crush January. Watch this space and follow us on Instagram to see this page come ALIVE in the next few weeks...

BUT FIRST...grab a Case of 24 Lazer Crush and get a FREE Lazer Crush Tumbler Glass. Just add a Case of 24 Lazer Crush to your basket and we'll do the rest. The tumbler will arrive with your order. But be quick - there's only 500 to give away! (T&Cs Apply)


Making New Year’s Resolutions can be a painful experience, but you’ve made it here which means you want to do something a bit more extraordinary.

That's why we're giving you a month's free access to learn Guitar with Your Guitar Academy! They'll be showing you how to play guitar with the aim to instil a habit of daily practice. You'll be a guitar pro in no time...


Take our Resolutions Quiz and see if you can answer all the questions correctly to be in for the chance to win some great prizes! 

The quiz is best served with a can of Lazer Crush (of course) - our alcohol free beer, which is packed full of typical IPA flavour. 

T&Cs Apply.

Alcohol Free? 0.3% ABV? What does it mean?!
Want to know more do ya? Look at you, clever clogs. Well, to answer all your alcohol free questions and to get some inspo, we wrote two handy lil blogs to do just that. We also talk about our first ever alcohol free lager, Astro-nought. How exciting!

It's not boring, we promise.