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5 Reasons to Try Lazer Crush - AF IPA

It’s fair to say there are good times to drink beer and bad times to drink beer. Good times include: Christmas, Fridays, that sort of thing. A bad time to drink beer would be whilst dangling from an impossibly high cliff edge like Sylvester Stallone in the 1993 classic ‘Cliffhanger’. 

HOWEVER, the beauty of our delicious Alcohol-Free IPA ‘Lazer Crush’ means that there’s never a bad time to drink beer. Sylvester could have swigged down that orange zestiness and bitter grapefruit without for a second worrying that it was impeding his climbing or indeed acting talents.  

So with that in mind, here are some bullet-proof reasons to try Lazer Crush. Let’s say 5… 

1: It's Got a Great Name

It’s quite a powerful thing to say aloud in a pub. Lazer Crush. I’d like a Lazer Crush. Who is this person? They must, themselves, have a powerful name, like Max Fortitude or Guy Lightning or Sarah Torpedo. Your beer order should make the pub instantly adopt a reverent hush with, ideally, one glass drop.   

2: It’s Alcohol Free 

Love hops AND playing high-intensity squash? Lazer Crush.  

Obsessed with operating heavy machinery AND like crisp pilsner malt? Lazer Crush.  

A concert pianist for the London Philharmonic YET thirsty?  

You get the idea.  

3: Perfect for January 

January’s not a great month, probably a solid 12th out of 12 in the Annual Month Popularity Contest. It’s a month so bad you have to pay a tax at the end just to be shot of it. Well, we’ve got the perfect January accompaniment. With Lazer Crush you can still get that same satisfying crack of the ring-pull and laser-guided IPA hit. 

4: No more ‘Fear’ 

Woken up after a night on the Lazer Crush’s, having been indoor climbing with 6 of your closest friends? Gone is the worry about what you might have said or done. Fear not you weren’t bragging about how you can fit your entire fist into your mouth. If you were telling people that they’ve named an indoor climbing move after only one session, it was on purpose. Hello Lazer Crush.  

5: We have a matching pint glass 

Never promise 5 reasons when you only really have 4. But as far as a Lazer Crush pint glass goes, it’s a pretty compelling argument. Try it for yourself here.