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Beavertown IPA Buying Guide

We get it – with all the (delicious) IPA beer we sell, how are you ever meant to choose the right one? Well, one way is to try them all. But that’s probably not practical. So instead, we wrote this buying guide to help you pick your next favourite brew.

Get To Know Our IPAs

Ripe for the picking, our selection of Beavertown IPAs is plentiful. And mouthwatering. From tropical fruit flavours to strawberry tastes and malty moments. Check them out and pick them up (in a non-sleazy way obvs) for your new favourite slow-sipper. 

Neck Oil – Session IPA

Our OG session IPA and Beavertown superstar Neck Oil is our easy-drinking, slow-sippin’, chillout, maxin’ relaxin’ all cool house staple. Not too bitter. Not too hoppy. Not too malty. Just the perfect balance of light and flavourful. And with a super sippable lower ABV so you can enjoy one (or a few – responsibly ofc) with your mates any time. 

ABV: 4.3%

Perfect for: IPA newbies. And your grandad who doesn’t think IPAs are actually good (prove him wrong). 

Goes well with: Long sessions in the sun, roast dinners, and fried chicken (with chips, obviously).

Lupuloid – IPA

If you’re really hop hungry, Lululoid is the IPA for you. Only the hoppiest hops have been used to brew up this hoppy leviathan. Reinforced with oats and wheat on top of the usual barley malt for a creamy mouthfeel and robust flavour. And plenty of bitterness to boot. 

ABV: 6.7%

Perfect for: Hop monsters visiting Earth on summer vacay.

Goes well with: Something a bit spicy – nduja sausage pasta, pepperoni pizza, or Mexican food. 

Lazer Crush – Alcohol Free IPA

Who knew IPAs could be alcohol free? Us. We did. In fact, we make the best one around. Lazer Crush is our laser-sharp alcohol free IPA. Packed with peach iced tea sweetness with a bit of grapefruit tartness thrown in for good measure. Fruity and fun with a good balance. And totally crushable Monday to Sunday.

ABV: 0.3%

Perfect for: When you have drinks at 9pm but a meeting at 9am. The designated drivers. And weeknight pub quizzes. 

Goes well with: A BBQ in the sun or a good curry.

Satellite – Low Alcohol IPA

Cosmic harmony in a can. Satellite has been beamed down to Earth with flavour waves of floral and citrus fruits. This low-alcohol has all that great IPA flavour, just without as much booze. So you can enjoy it at a picnic or weeknight drinks and still make that thing the next day. 

ABV: 2.8%

Perfect for: Those who want a weeknight drink with their mates. Or just don’t fancy anything too heavy.

Goes well with: Curry – Thai, Indian, Japanese, it doesn’t matter. Whatever floats your boat. 

Lunar Haze – Hazy IPA

It might look cloudy but it’s clear that Lunar Haze is an intergalactic smooth sipper no matter the weather. Effortlessly drinkable with its smooth and juicy tropical flavours that cut through the haze, this IPA is always a good idea (drunk responsibly ofc). 

ABV: 4.5%

Perfect for: Psychedelic dreamers. Drinking any time – a bit of sun is optional, but a bonus. 

Goes well with: Some good soul food. Fall-off-the-bone tender meat, a crunchy salad, and corn on the cob.

Heavy Gravity – Hazy IPA

Get drawn into the pull of the hazy IPA planet with Heavy Gravity – our galactically juicy, smooth, bittersweet, hazy, full-of-hop-flavour beer. The surface of this hazy planet is bursting with juicy, hoppy strawberry dreams and clouds of mango ice creams.

ABV: 6.5%

Perfect for: Those who love a bit of escapism and drifting off to a new planet of juicy fruit flavour. 

Goes well with: Something greasy and a bit naughty – fried chicken, halloumi fries, and salad drenched in cesar dressing. 

Sun God – Tropical IPA

From the tropical Beavertown planet of years gone by, a new tropical deity has emerged. Filled to the brim with sunbaked nectarine and tropical fruit, Sun God is the ultimate summer-in-a-can flavour. Try not to look right at it, it might be too much for mere mortals. 

ABV: 6.3%

Perfect for: Sun worshippers and BBQs on the beach. 

Goes well with: Mango sorbet, peach cobbler, or intense flavours like Mexican or Korean food. 

Comparison of Beavertown IPAs

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