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Beer and Chocolate Pairing Guide: 6 Pairing Ideas

Cheese and wine? Nah. Not today. If you didn’t realise it by now, we’re pretty big beer people. Some might say it’s our one true love. Which is why this Valentine’s day, we’re putting away the charcuterie boards. And touring a new galaxy of flavour instead – beer and chocolate. 

Why Pair Beer with Chocolate

Strawberries and balsamic vinegar. Peanut butter and jam. Pineapple on pizza. (Don’t @ us.) All great flavour pairings. They work because of their contrasting and complimentary flavours. And beer and chocolate are the same. They have complimentary notes. Bright flavours. And contrasting bitterness and sweetness. 

A good beer and chocolate pairing brings out the best of each. A sweeter beer pairs with a rich chocolate. And tropical notes go well with fruity flavours. The general rule is that the darker the beer, the darker the chocolate should be. 

6 Beer and Chocolate Pairing Ideas

1. Coffee Stout and Dark Chocolate

Stout. The classic dark beer. Often with chocolatey notes itself thanks to the dark roasted malts. The intense richness of our coffee beer pairs perfectly with the bitterness of dark chocolate. You might even discover some new flavours. How does the saying go? Intensity is intensity’s best friend. Well, it might not be an actual saying. But it’s still true. 

2. Tropical IPA and Coconut Chocolate

What do you eat with an IPA that tastes like a summer holiday on Mars? Coconut of course. Amp up the holiday vibes of a tropical IPA with a bar of chocolate laced with summertime flavour. You’ll feel like you’re relaxing by the pool, catching the rays. Don’t forget the sunscreen.

3. Lager and Milk Chocolate

The crisp flavours of a craft lager usually have some tasty citrus or fruit notes in the mix. And milk chocolate goes really well with that. Pick a bar laced with orange to bring out those bright, punchy flavours. Or enjoy a simple plain bar for that smooooooooth taste. You’ll either get to experience all the similar flavours between the two. Or they’ll mellow each other out. And you’ll get to taste some flavours you never thought would be there. 

4. Hazy IPA and Chocolate Cake

Ground the juicy flavours of a hazy IPA with a mellow chocolate cake. Something a bit different isn’t it? Hazy IPA makes for such easy drinking. And the flavours of a chocolate cake just work with the fruit-forward, crispy taste of the beer. Plus you get a pretty nice mouthfeel out of the combo. If you care about that. 

5. American Pale Ale and Orange Chocolate

Less bitter than IPA. With a pine-y, fruity flavour. American pale ale is refreshing with a bold twist of bright flavours. A taste bud zapper like this pairs perfectly with orange chocolate. Go fancy with real candied orange chocolate. Or dig around in the Quality Street box for the orange ones no one likes. Either way, they’ll go with a can of APA like, well, chocolate and orange. 

6. Sour Beer and White Chocolate

Valentine’s day is for puckering up. We’re not talking about kissing your loved one. (Though you should probably also do that at some point.) We’re actually talking about sour beer. White chocolate has long been paired with tart ingredients. Strawberries. Cranberries. Raspberries. The smooth white chocolate mellows out the sour. And the same goes for beer. And don’t start about how white chocolate isn’t ‘real’ chocolate. 

Will You Beer My Valentine?

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