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London’s Best Beer Gardens

London, home to monarchs, pigeons, parliament and 8 million people who wish bad things on anyone who dares to stand on the left hand side of the escalator. But more than anything it’s home to some of the FINEST BEER GARDENS this country has to offer. So with Summer winking at us, bank holidays looming and thirst levels rocketing, let’s take a timely promenade through some of London’s best beer gardens. You’ll need nothing more than some sunglasses, a sense of adventure and our handy beer finder map

What are the best beer gardens in London? 

Best Beer Gardens In Central London

So let’s start off central, quickly veering away from the crowds and human statues dressed as Yoda and head straight to…

Flat Iron Square

Where: London Bridge

Street food stalls, live music and a cracking atmosphere, all can be found at London Bridge’s Flat Iron Square. It’s a short walk from Borough and the South Bank, with over 40,000 square feet of al fresco space, so if you like outdoor drinking and dining and frankly who doesn’t, then this is the place for you.

Founder’s Arms - Southbank 

Where: South Bank

Located halfway between Blackfriars Bridge and the Millennium Bridge, just around the corner from Shakespeare’s Globe and the Tate Modern, you can fall into the Founder’s Arms and its sun-soaked terrace overlooking the river. And if it’s raining, the glass front makes it still feel like you’re sitting on the terrace, making it the perfect place to watch the world go by. The self-proclaimed best pub on the South Bank.  


Best Beer Gardens In South London

The Fentiman Arms 

Where: Vauxhall

Accessible from 3 nearby tube stations. This has the trifecta of beer garden necessities: Trees in case you need shade from the sun, a covered deck in case you need shade from the rain and finally heating in case it’s too cold. In short it’s the ultimate British Summer beer garden.

The Avalon

Where: Clapham

The Avalon boasts three outdoor areas: There’s an alfresco bar, wooden booths to sit in, plus a courtyard and separate terrace. The crown prince of outdoor drinking, plus the food is excellent. On a sunny afternoon, there really aren’t many better places to be.

The County Arms

Where: Wandsworth

Take a stroll around the edge of Wandsworth Common and you’ll find the County Arms – a slice of Victoriana from the 1800s, lending it a lovely, relaxed, characterful feel. In the garden, take your pick from the decking and patio to sit at, or there are some cool private huts if you’re there with a group. Al fresco drinking doesn’t get much better.


Best Beer Gardens In North London

The Faltering Fullback 

Where: Finsbury Park

Finsbury Park’s hidden gem, a short wander from the tube station. Clad in ivy, the pub’s beautiful garden has become one of North London’s worst kept secrets. Live music, excellent Thai food and a ‘multi-layered Ewok treehouse. Yeah, that’ll work.

The Hawley Arms 

Where: Camden

A staple from the early noughties if you were in a band, wanting to be in a band, or wanting to see someone in a band. You couldn’t move for Pigeon Detectives or a lesser-spotted member of the Kooks. Check out the walls which are decorated with musical memorabilia, grab a pint, then head up to the rooftop terrace and chew the fat with some Camden natives.

The Garden Gate

Where: Hampstead

An excellent beer garden on the edge of the Heath. With plenty of pub tables, heaters and foliage to accommodate larger groups, The Garden Gate also shows live sport and does an excellent Sunday roast. Summer, here we come.


Best Beer Gardens In West London

The Old Ship

Where: Hammersmith

Ever heard the expression: ‘Double decker terrace’? When the sun’s out, those in the know and in the west of the capital head to The Old Ship for a quiet session with unparalleled views of the Thames. Set sail immediately.

The Eagle 

Where: Shepherd’s Bush

One of West London’s finest, to be found on the fringes of Ravenscourt Park. Check out the back garden which comes complete with benches and an alfresco Burger Shack. Throw in some Neck Oil and Lunar Haze and you can’t really say much fairer than that…


Best Beer Gardens In East London

Pub On The Park 

Where: Hackney

Look, if Hackney pub-goers want a pint, even if it’s freezing, nothing can get between them and Pub On The Park. However, in the Summer, this is THE place to be for good drinks in the sun. They serve Gamma Ray here, poured with a side of weekend DJ sets and a game of boules in case you’re feeling competitive.

The Scolt Head 

Where: Dalston

One of the best pubs in Dalston, with its own little outdoors peninsula carved into the residential surroundings. Serves Neck Oil, always a good atmosphere, they do film screenings, live music and it’s first come first serve for a reliably packed out drink up in the garden. Head to the Scolt.


Your Mate’s Garden

And if all else fails…there’s always your mate’s garden. Save your legs, have a little peruse of some of Beavertown’s finest here and then pick up a box and away you go. You can even add in some bespoke Beavertown pint glasses to make it feel more official. Summer’s coming so make sure you’re fully prepared. Sun, mates, Beavertown. Perfection.

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