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5 Beers To Try If You Don’t Like Beer

There’s nothing like that first refreshing sip of a freshly cracked can of cold beer…. unless you don’t like beer. 

Even though we think our beers are the best things in the conceivable universe, we do know that not everyone thinks that beer tastes great. But while spirits are super, cider is commendably tasty, and there’s always space for a soft drink now and then, sometimes nothing will do but a beer. 

So if you’re not a beer fan, you’re in luck. Time to put on your gi and head up to train in a mountain or fight bears, or whatever it is they do in all those martial arts movies. We’re going to teach you how to like beer and become a big craft beer nerd.

How To Like Beer

Just like wine, craft beer has a bit of an acquired taste. But there are LOTS of different types of beers out there ranging from light easy-drinking lagers to darker, more hardecore stouts. With all different colours and flavours and bitterness levels, there’s not one “right beer”. So what works for someone else might not work for you. And vice versa. 

There are a few ways to make yourself like the taste of beer:

Just drink it

A bit of exposure therapy, if you will. You’ll go from hate, to tolerate, to kind of like, to like, to love eventually… we think. 

Learn how to identify the different flavours

You know those hardcore fans you see swirling their glasses, giving them a sniff, and swilling the beer around their mouths? Turns out it’s not just for show. It actually serves a purpose. And unlocks all those different flavours in a beer. Learning how to pick out exactly what you’re tasting can help you appreciate a beer more!

Every beer has a different flavour profile thanks to a few different factors: 

  1. Hops – give a beer its bright, zesty, fruity notes. They come in all sorts of varieties (over 250) and many brewers use multiple strains at a time. So every beer is different. And even the same type of beer can taste different from different brewers.
  2. IBU – stands for International Bittering Units and tells you how bitter a beer is. If you don’t like too much bitterness, try something with a lower IBU.
  3. Malt – gives beer its colour but can also give it flavour. Tastes range from a light toasted taste to deeper caramel or roasted flavours. 

Try a bunch of different beers until you find your favourite

There are so many different types of beer out there. And you’re not going to like them all. Unless you turn into some kind of beer sommelier or something. If dark beers like stouts make you cringe, try something lighter like a lager. If you’re looking for something less bitter, a fruit beer might be right up your street. As our mums always say “how do you know you don’t like it unless you try it?”

Best Beers for People Who Don’t Like the Taste of Beer

Spresso – Coffee Stout

Best for: Coffeeholics

Caffeine fiends and coffee addicts will definitely find something to love in our coffee stout, Spresso. It’s packed with coffee extract so you get that smooth coffee flavour you love with the deep notes of dark roasted malt. It’s tasty AF.

Bloody ‘Ell – Fruit Beer

Best for: Fruit lovers and those who like a little zest.

An expletive-worthy brew that is basically summer in a can. Bloody ‘Ell uses basically a whole tree of blood oranges – juice, pulp, and zest – in every batch to create a mouth-wateringly fruity, juicy beer. Give it a try if you’re feeling a little fruity. 

Sun God – Tropical IPA

Best for: Sun worshipers and those who love a good tropical holiday

When it comes to tropical flavours, Sun God knows all about it. Don’t forget the sunnies, this IPA has a super juicy sunbaked nectarine and tropical fruit flavours guaranteed to make the heatwave about 100 times more enjoyable. And if the good old British weather gets in the way of the sunny spells, at least Sun God will be there to brighten the day. 

Bones – Lager

Best for: Those looking for a good intro to lager

Bones is our award winning (literally) lager. We looked at the other craft lagers out there and were like “we can do it better.” So we did. It’s dead good. A smooth, crisp, refreshing flavour from the first sip to the last. With good bitterness to balance it out. 

Lazer Crush – Alcohol Free IPA

Best for: The true romantics

Looking to try a beer with loads of fruit and no alcohol to boot? Lazer Crush is here to zap your tastebuds with its sweet orange zestiness and grapefruit bitterness. We made this alcohol-free IPA with a clever strain of yeast that fully ferments without producing alcohol (and adds a nice peachy flavour too). Perfect for sipping any day of the week.

Still Not a Fan? Enjoy Your Drink of Choice from a Beavertown Glasses

So you’ve given beer a good try and you’re still not a fan? We’re not angry, just disappointed. 

Just kidding! If you still haven’t found your one brew love, that’s okay. There are hundreds of different types of beers out there so you might find one you love eventually. In the meantime, grab a Beavertown glass instead. Our pint glasses and tumbler glasses are 100% guaranteed to make any beverage taste about 67% better. And your kitchen cabinets will look much cooler too. Check out all our glassware here.