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Planet Dad - Father's Day Gift Guide

Dads. Sometimes it seems like they’re from a slightly different planet. Planet Dad, if you will. Where mowing the lawn, thermostats and not turning on the car’s interior light whilst driving, are all integral to daily life. Fortunately, whichever planet he’s from, we have the co-ordinates and we come bearing gifts. Choose the perfect Father’s Day gift with our guide to the 5 Dads of Beavertown.  

The Stylish Dad


Has he still got it? Has the passing of time been possibly too kind? Does he get pulled over by the fashion police merely to congratulate him? The Stylish Dad needs to be introduced to our range of our cool, colourful and 100% cotton graphic tees.  

The DIY dad

Instantly at home in the paint section of a hardware store. You sometimes catch him looking longingly at drill bits. The DIY Dad thinks nothing of fixing a rift in the space-time continuum using just a glue gun and a really big hammer.

The Rockstar Dad

His hearing is shot due to once standing too close to Keith Moon, still walks with a limp thanks to an old crowdsurfing injury, still refers to Woodstock as a ‘bit commercial’. Hello Rockstar Dad. After some out-of-this-world music? Why not treat him to one of our series of unique cosmic events from the Summer Collaboration Sessions. 

For Every Dad

Whichever planet he’s from, if you’re struggling to find the words, fear not, we speak fluent Dad. How does our Father’s Day Bundle featuring 8 of our bestselling beers, our brand new Summer Psychedelic pint glass, a snack and a bespoke Beavertown coaster sound? Sounds like you’ve just nailed Father’s Day.