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What To Wear To A Festival

Rejoice! Festival season is upon us. Endless weekends of beers, bands, mates and mosh pits stretch out on the horizon, like an infinite line of portaloos. But how best to appear effortlessly cool and stylish whilst simultaneously adopting the personal hygiene of a 14th Century serf? Well, if you’re looking for some fashion inspiration, don’t worry we’ve got you covered. Keep scrolling for your festival outfit essentials!

Be unique - Wear whatever you bloody like!

Firstly, festivals, are not for the sartorially introverted. No-one who’s still up dancing in a hollowed-out tree trunk at 3am is going to be looking at you thinking: ‘Wow, that yellow belt and orange bucket hat combo is a bit much.’ Go full Prince, be unique and stand out from the crowd. Plus if you get separated from the crowd, your mates can spot your fluorescent belt / bucket hat combo and guide them to you like a badly-dressed lighthouse.

However if its compliments from strangers you’re after, check out our full clothing range – perfect for any festival outfit.

Breathable clothing - Oversized Tees, Shorts

It's Summer. It’s hot, it’s sweaty, your sweat glands are having the time of their life. Geographically-speaking, you’re 80% swamp. So, pack a bunch of breathable clothing. We’re talking comfy oversized t-shirts that look and feel easy and breezy, like you put in no effort at all – even though you’ve painstakingly curated your look for months, but that’s not the point.

Pack loose-fitting shorts, for when you’ve eaten too much and are feeling the bloat. Plus some shoes that aren’t going to kill your feet, like some trusty trainers, or dare we even say it, Crocs. Crocs LOVE a swamp.

Headgear - Caps, bucket hats (space helmets?)

When it comes to the SUN versus the HUMAN HEAD – there’s only ever one winner. Protect your head with our range of caps, beanies and the essential Beavertown bucket hat. Will also help keep you incognito if you find yourself on the run from an ex / biker gang / evil doppelganger etc. Check out our super-cool hats. which come in a load of different colours and patterns to match the rest of your festival outfit.

Humans - 1, Sun - 0.

Warm layers - Hoodies, jumpers or jackets

Yes, we know, it’s summer. But it’s a British summer. It’s basically an oxymoron. Can it really be trusted to stay sunny? No. Could you get both sunburned AND lashed with hail at the same time? Potentially. SO, layer up with cosy hoodies and sweatshirts with our iconic Beavertown designs splashed all over them. And maybe bring a light jacket because, let’s be honest, it will rain at some point. Might as well pack an umbrella and some wellies with your sunnies while you’re at it. And suncream. And that silver foil people wear after marathons. And bear spray. Just be prepared OK?

Colourful stuff - Printed tops & wavy socks

Go colourful. Festivals are not the place to try out your new range of beige and taupe clothing. Go retina-burningly colourful. You’re going to end up covered in mud anyway, must as well throw some colourful fresh graphic tees in there. We also do a killer line in bright socks that can easily be seen from space. If you want the award for festival style icon and appear on the ‘best-dressed’ lists, do not go taupe, go colourful.

Keep your belongings safe - The beloved bumbag & tote

Phone? Check. Suncream? Check. Emergency Snacks? Check. You need to be light, nimble, but also where are you stashing these essential items? Sounds like you are crying out for some sort of bag. Enter stage left: The Beavertown Bumbag, complete with beloved skull design – both practical and it will make you the coolest human at the festival.

Alternatively, for a slightly heavier load, there’s our Summer sun shopper tote bag, with enough room for stowing extra ice-cold beers. Beavertown, we really do think of everything.

And if you need further guidance on how to behave at a festival, have a read of our festival essentials guide.

Oh yes and beer. Don’t forget to stock up on beer for you and your mates with our beer cases, then you’re all set for what could quite possibly be the best festival ever.