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How Many Calories in Non-Alcoholic Beer?

Isn't non-alcoholic beer just the best? The only acceptable answer here is yes. If you disagree, why are you reading a blog about it?!

All the fantastical, flavoursome flavours but with a featherweight ABV (try saying that five times as fast as you can).

But wait… there's more. Our alcohol-free IPA Lazer Crush only has 27 calories per 100ml (that's 83 calories per 330ml can for anyone who couldn't be bothered to do the maths). So, if you're jumping on the 'new year, new me' hype rocket and want to feel fresh in January, non-alcoholic beer is the way to go!

Does Alcohol Free Beer Have Fewer Calories?

Yes. No. Sometimes? There's not really a one-size-fits-all answer here. Though most alcohol-free beers will have fewer calories than their alcoholic counterparts, it's not always the case since calories don't just come from the alcohol. Really, it all depends on the beer type and the process. For example, some breweries like to leave a little bit of extra sugar in the beer for extra flavouring and weight. And obviously, more sugar = more calories.

But when it comes to Beavertown, our alcohol-free beer, Lazer Crush (83 calories per can), does have fewer calories than our alcoholic beers, like our ever-popular Neck Oil Session IPA (122 calories per can)!

Non-Alcoholic vs Low Alcohol Beer Calories

Wondering what the difference between non-alcoholic and low-alcohol beer is? We'll admit, the wording can be a teensy bit sneaky! So, non-alcoholic beer is beer that contains no alcohol at all. Zip. Zilch. Nada. Made with water, malt, hops and a type of yeast that eats up all the sugar without creating the byproduct of alcohol. Clever, right?

Low-alcohol beer usually ranges from 0.5% to 3.5% ABV and gives you a bit more of the alcoholic flavour we all know and love. Calorie-wise, low alcohol beer usually has fewer calories than regular beer. Compared to our non-alcohol beer, our low ABV beer Satellite has 88 calories per can - so just a few more!


What Makes Our Alcohol Free & Low Alcohol Beers Awesome

Right. You might think we're being a tad biased here. But really, our alcohol free and low alcohol beers are JUST as good as our regular beers. It's true! Cross our hearts and hope to fly to an alien planet one day.

Lazer Crush is super light and refreshing, just what you need after a heavy season of eating all the festive foods. And it's got loads of peachy, fruity flavours that your tastebuds will love. And then Satellite is the best thirst-quencher made for those low tempo mid week moments. So much goodness!

If you're still not convinced that alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers are deserving of all the fuss (you're wrong btw), here are some of the top benefits you'll feel by switching to them:

  • Money saving - that looooong stretch between December and January's payday just got easier.
  • Lower calories - most of the time, anyway. So, the drink of choice for the health and fitness fanatics.

Go on, have a browse of our alcohol free craft beers, you know you want to.