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Tropigamma – Tropical IPA

Gamma Ray has come back from holiday wearing a loud Hawaiian shirt, with a new name and a glint in its eye. Meet Tropigamma – a tropical IPA, bursting with flavour, with the delicious craft beer taste of Gamma Ray turned up to 11.  

Taste Profile

Ever been hit in the face by a Tropical storm? No, we haven’t either. Feels a bit dramatic, but maybe instead imagine an explosion of tropical guava, papaya and tangerine. That familiar Gamma Ray zap of American Pale Ale with the hops and fruit turned right up. Like taking a classic car and painting it hot pink and pelting it with tangerines. Yeah, more something like that.  

A Tropical IPA if you’re looking for Summer flavour 

It’s fair to say that Tropigamma likes the warm weather. Like linen shirts and hammocks, this Fruity Beer is best enjoyed in the sun. It’s an ideal accompaniment for a BBQ. You can sip while you flip, or imbibe while you…nope can’t think of any. It’s basically a portable blast of sunshine in a can, open it up and bring the Tropics to any BBQ, picnic or beach. 

How to try Tropigamma Tropical IPA 

If you’re reading this thinking ‘Well, I love Gamma Ray, but what if I try Tropigamma and then become obsessed with Tropical versions of other things in my everyday life, like Tropi-sandwiches or Tropi-trousers?’ To which we’d just say don’t panic, wait til the sun comes out, then head to the Beavertown website and fill your Tropi-boots.


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