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8 Valentines Beer Gifts For An Out-Of-This-World Valentine’s Day | Beavertown

Roses are red, violets are blue, looking for a Valentine’s gift? Beavertown’s got you (see what we did there).

The 14th of Feb is Valentine’s day (in case you didn’t know). Whether you love all that soppy stuff or would rather pretend the day straight up didn’t exist, it’s still a great excuse to treat your pals, gals, partner, or even yourself, to something special.

You shouldn’t need an excuse to show how much you care but if you do, we’ve got you covered. It’s time to ‘hops’ on the love train and check out our Valentine beer gifts. 

1. Craft Beer Valentine's Bundle

When asking someone to beer your Valentine, go for the big gestures to make sure they get the hint (without the cringe).

The Craft Beer Valentine’s Bundle comes with everything to really get the message across: plenty of out-of-this-world beer, a tumbler glass, Beavertown-branded Love Hearts, and some VERY stylish socks so you can really win the day (not that it's about winning...but still).

2. Valentine's Day Socks


Whether they’re your first crush, long term partner or even just your bestie, who DOESN’T love getting socks as gifts? 

Our Valentine’s socks are made from 80% cotton and feature an exclusive Valentine’s Day design. Plenty of hearts and cosy toes await those who slip into this pair of stellar socks.

3. Valentine's Wrapping Paper

It doesn’t matter if you spend ages making the corners perfect or your gifts look like a wrapping paper factory exploded, top it all off with a bow and some custom Beavertown wrapping paper. 

Just like that first sip of beer is the perfect finishing touch on your week, our Valentine’s Gift Wrap gives your gift that extra-special touch (and saves you hunting for that same roll of paper you’ve had kicking around in the back of the cupboard all year).

4. glassware

From slow sippin’ across the universe with their mates to simply enjoying a brew at the end of a long week – you always need the perfect vessel for those intergalactic adventures. 

The Psychedelic Glass Set features both a pint glass and a tumbler glass, decked out in custom Beavertown designs (created by our very own Creative Director: Nick Dwyer). We guarantee your kitchen cupboard has never looked this good.



Romantic dinners and interstellar get-togethers are always better when accompanied by our Core Craft Beer Bundle – drunk responsibly ofc. 

This is the entire Beavertown universe in a box. Lager, IPAs and APAs – AKA the perfect box for casual picnics, romantic dinner dates at home, and scrumptious Palentine’s feast with friends.

This gift set includes 8 cans of our best craft beers and a Psychedelic Skull Tumbler Glass – cheers!

6. gift card


Sometimes you gotta look at the facts – some people are just really hard to buy for. Some have everything, others don’t want anything, and there are some people who don’t even know what they want (but we still love them).

Well, the Beavertown gift card is here to save your Valentine’s day. Choose the amount, customise the design, and even personalise it with their name – we’ll beam their gift right to their doorstep. It’s that simple!

7. dog skull tennis ball kit


When we say we have a gift for everyone, we mean it. Your furry best friend is loyal, loves a lie-in, and stays by your side through thick and thin so why not include them on this day of love? Give them a Valentine’s gift that is truly the dog’s balls – a Dog’s Skull Tennis Ball Kit. You’ll be the coolest human at the dog park. 

8. video gift messaging


We know gift messages are all well and good but we’ve just launched VIDEO MESSAGING. This Valentine’s Day, take your gift to the next level by recording a video for your giftee, so they can see your beautiful face whilst they open their Beavertown pressie.

Just tick the video messaging box under any product and checkout as normal. After checkout, you’ll be prompted to record your video. Once recorded, a QR code will be attached to the gift and your giftee can scan it to watch!

It’s that simple but just a little bit more personal.


Still unsure?

In case you’re a little unsure on what to get that special someone, we're here to help. Because even though you know they love Beavertown beer, you’re not entirely sure which ones (you weren’t listening, were you?). ​

Fear not! The gift bot will choose the perfect gift so you can win Valentine’s Day…not that it’s about winning, but still.

[Psst… Down here]

Still on that intergalactic search for the perfect gift? Whether you need something grandiose and extravagant or just a small token of appreciation, check out all of our Valentine’s Craft Beer to tell them exactly how you feel – no tacky teddy bears or unimaginative roses in sight.