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6 Valentines Beer Gifts For An Out-Of-This-World Valentine’s Day

Roses are green, violets are green, everything’s green, wait, sorry we’ve got our night vision on. That’s better. Where were we? Ah Valentine’s Day. A day when restaurants are crammed, when John Legend plays on repeat and when the human body’s cortisone level rises on average by 12000%.

So what can you give to that special someone to alleviate the stress and show them that you really care about them? Well, the answer is yeast. And hops, malt, some water. PLUS THERE’S SO MUCH MORE!! 

1. Valentine's Beer Bundle

Cancel the trip to Paris, smelt down the golden earrings. The patented Beavertown V-bundle includes Neck Oil, Gamma Ray, Satellite and more, a bespoke tumbler glass, and two sweet treats. Warning: This gift is tantamount to a proposal.  

2. Valentine's Day Socks

A gift to warm the heart, but more specifically the feet and ankles. They even say ‘Tickle My Funny Bone’, though doctors have urged the public please not to do that.

3. Valentine's Wrapping Paper

It doesn’t matter if you spend ages making the corners perfect or your gifts look like a wrapping paper factory exploded, top it all off with a bow and some custom Beavertown wrapping paper. 

Just like that first sip of beer is the perfect finishing touch on your week, our Valentine’s Gift Wrap gives your gift that extra-special touch (and saves you hunting for that same roll of paper you’ve had kicking around in the back of the cupboard all year).

4. Brand New Valentine’s Glasses 

Question: What’s incredibly romantic AND contains 570ml of liquid?  

Answer: A Beavertown Valentine’s pint glass. That’s what. Say it with glass this Valentine’s with a selection of our bespoke pint glasses and tumblers.  

5. Beer Subscription

Nothing says ‘Sweep me off my feet’ like the word ‘subscription’. But on a purely financial level, having a case of your favourite beers delivered to your door every month, is a well-known aphrodisiac.  


6. Gifts for the Dog

Does the person you love have a dog? Shower them with dog gifts like dog bandanas, dog collars and dog leads. And if they don’t have a dog? Well it’ll be a bit weird, won’t it. 

So there you go some Beavertown inspiration this Valentine’s Day. ‘Love’ is a 4-letter word, but then so is ‘beer’. And which would you prefer to be showered with this Valentine’s Day?


Still unsure?

Still on that intergalactic search for the perfect gift? Whether you need something grandiose and extravagant or just a small token of appreciation, check out all of our Valentine’s Beer Gifts to tell them exactly how you feel – no tacky teddy bears or unimaginative roses in sight.