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What is Light Beer?

Sometimes, life calls for lighter things. Summer + sun = lighter days. Chilling by the firepit in the evening = lighthearted fun. Beer - some of the calories and alcohol = light beer. No we’re not talking about pale beer or pale ale. That’s a whole other thing. 

It’s known as different things in different countries but either way, light beer is a brew that’s lower in calories or alcohol (or both) than a regular beer. They’re perfect for long pub sessions listening to your mate’s wild stories, for humans who like to keep an eye on what they drink, and for designated drivers who still want something to sip down the pub (keep it to just one though, yeah?). 

We’ll go over what makes a light beer ‘light’ and which Beavertown beers are considered light beers. Let’s go!

Do Light Beers Have Less Calories?

In a little planetary system called the USA, light beer is usually one that is lighter on the calories than other types of beer. Usually, a brand will offer two versions of the same beer – a full calorie version and a light version (we all know that particular popular American brand). 

Across the pond though, a light beer tends to be any beer that has fewer calories and less alcohol. Making for a beer that's great during a summer session in the beer garden or basically any time you fancy. . 

Are Light Beers Lower in Alcohol?

Yes. No. Sometimes? Outside of the US, light beer is pretty much synonymous (fancy words) with lower alcohol beer. But there’s no one-size-fits-all label.

But, although most light beers will have lower alcohol content (usually between 0.5% and 3.5% ABV), it's not always the case since calories don't just come from the alcohol. Really, it all depends on the beer type and the process.

Thirsty for more? Check out our blog What is non-alcoholic & low alcohol beer? to learn more. 

How is Light Beer Made?

There are a couple of different ways that light beer is made. 

The most common way to do this is to add glucoamylase to the wort before fermentation (what the froth are we talking about? We have a whole blog answering how beer is made.) This clever little enzyme breaks down extra carbohydrates and turns them into sugars which get fermented and lowers the calories of this type of beer. Magic? Yes. But also science!

Types of Light Beer

So as we’ve mentioned, ‘light beer’ can refer to a few different things. In the US, a light beer is usually reduced in calories, but here it’s a bit more loosey goosey. Light beers can be light on both the booze and the calories. Which might make your grandpa roll his eyes. But you don’t have to sacrifice flavour just because it’s ‘light’.  Beavertown’s light beers are still total powerhouses of flavour. They’re hoppy, heavyweight champions with a featherweight ABV. 

Session IPA

Session IPAs were invented to survive a good ol’ British drinking session – a lengthy amount of time spent in good company and slowly sipping a beer. Sunshine and beer garden optional. Session IPAs have a lower ABV than other types which technically makes them a lighter beer! Neck Oil (our amazing OG session IPA) beams down a whole galaxy of iconic IPA hoppy, citrus, and earthy flavour and has just 4.3% ABV and 122 calories per can. 


On an intergalactic hunt for a lager that hits the spot but is kind of light on the alcohol? Bones is our dead good lager. It’s refreshing with a citrus and spice kick. And has the perfect balance of bitterness and just great lager flavour. And it only has 4.4% ABV so it’s pretty light – perfect for a session down the pub. 

Low Alcohol Beer

What’s more super than a session IPA? A super session IPA. No really. A super session IPA is like a session IPA but even lighter. Take Satellite. This new can on the block has all the great flavour of a stellar IPA (hello tropical notes, peachy juiciness, and citrus zestiness) but is lighter on the alcohol and calories. A Monday-to-Sunday crushable ABV of 2.8% and just 66 calories per can. What’s not to love?