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What Is Dark Beer? The Ultimate Guide

We know what you’re thinking. Dark beer is for the oldies. And we definitely don’t have any grey hairs yet…*pulls Beavertown hat down even lower*. 

Anywaaay, moving quickly on, dark beer is for everyone - young and old. And you might be surprised to learn that it’s actually pretty decent. A new favourite even! Brewed with darker malts for a unique colour and intense flavour, there are loads of different dark beer types. You can see where we’re going with this, right? 

Keep on reading to fill your noggins with info on the different types of dark beer (and the best ones from Beavertown!).


What Does Dark Beer Taste Like?

Dark beer tastes like you have your life together. Like you’re one of those sophisticated humans who wears a full suit to work and sits behind a mahogany desk, reads classic literature, and knows about things like art and how stocks are doing. 

Basically, dark beers are deep and complex. And there are many different flavours like chocolate, coffee, roasted nuts, caramel and even fruit.

Types of Dark Beer

Dark Ale

Dark ales are super popular. Even life on another planet will probably recognise them. They’re a classic British beer that uses a blend of yeast, hops and a darker malt for a fantastical fruity flavour.

Dark Lager

Dark Lager is pretty much black in colour. And very, very rich in flavour. It’s made with a clever blend of dark malts and the usual pale malts with lager yeast.

Black IPA

Oh, we do love an IPA beer. And a black IPA is even featured in our coveted craft beer advent calendar…don’t miss out! With rich, dark notes and zesty, hoppy flavours, too, it’s like a party in your mouth.


Stouts are bittersweet, dark beers with a coffee-like flavour. Yum. They’re usually everyone’s first step into the big wide world of dark beer cause they’re so smooth and easy to drink.


Porters are like stouts. But older and wiser. And usually with caramel, chocolate, and toffee flavours. Perfect for someone who isn’t a fan of bitter tastes. If you reallyyyy want to dive into the fascinating history, read our blog all about the differences between porter and stout.


A classic Bavarian beer, Dunkel has a distinctly sweet taste that’s refreshing and easy to drink. Go on, guess what the German word dunkel means.

Are you ready for it?

Dunkel = dark. Who’d thought? Not us.


Bless you. Another German delight. It’s no wonder why we love Oktoberfest so much. Schwarzbier is an opaque black beer with strong flavours of chocolate or coffee. 

Another fun translation for you all: schwarzbier = black beer.


Of Course, We Have the Best Dark Beers

Smog Rocket - Smoked Porter

Don’t mind us. We’re just wiping away the tears as we think about one of the first beers we brewed and served: Smog Rocket. And you all loved this smoked porter so much that we decided to bring it back!

Chocolate Porter

A soon-to-be-released beer (as in, really soon, get your cards at the ready) that has all the chocolatey, comforting goodness you crave in winter.


It’s a Dunkel! A ‘dark’ beer - remember? We taught you that earlier. Coming in December, the flavours will blast you into a different dimension.

Coffee Stout

Like coffee? Our delish coffee-flavoured stout is coming this month! Ugh, we can’t wait for you to try it and tell all of your human and non-human friends about it.

Get Xmas Ready with Our Dark Beers

Christmastime, mistletoe and…beer. Dark beers are perfect for Christmas and the winter season as they go so well with Christmas food and colder evenings with their deep, complex flavours. They also make very cool Christmas beer gifts.