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Christmas Stocking Filler Ideas for Adults

A lump of coal to ANYONE who says we’re too old for Christmas stockings. Humbugs, the lot of ‘em!

We are firm believers here that you’re never too old to have some festive cheer. And a Christmas stocking filled with tree-mendous beer gifts and goodies is the best way to start Christmas day.


Beer Glasses

Ho ho…hold on, are those brand new Christmas Beavertown beer glasses? Why, yes, they are! There’s no better way to enjoy a cold beer on Christmas morning than in an awesome Christmas glass. So stick either a pint glass or a tumbler in a stocking and enjoy.

Oh, and if someone doesn’t fancy drinking out of a Christmas glass all year long, we also have loads of other glasses too that are perfect for every season!


Beer Socks

No one likes chilly feet. Everyone loves fun socks. And our beer socks are an absolute classic stocking filler. Soft and cosy, anyone wearing Beavertown socks will feel like they’re walking on cloud nine. What a lucky pair of feet! With loads of designs to choose from, like Xmas cowboy or our anything-but-basic crew socks, just throw a whole bunch in there. You can never have too many socks in winter, anyway.


Beer Christmas Jumpers

We’ve only gone and done it, folks! We’ve released some limited edition (oooh, so special) beer Christmas jumpers! Sorry, not sorry. If you know someone who enjoys looking like Christmas threw up on them, they’ll need these jumpers in their life…and their stockings. A real head turner, they’re guaranteed to sleigh every Christmas jumper competition!


Christmas Beers

How are we four stocking stuffer ideas in and only mentioning Christmas beers now?! Obviously, you need to add some beers to their stockings. Duh. What else are they meant to drink on Christmas Day? Water? Wine? Blegh. Our Saint Neck’olas (see what we did there?) is just like Neck Oil but dressed in a lovely red festive outfit and tastes best when wearing a Beavertown Christmas jumper, Beavertown socks and out of a Beavertown glass. Too far?


Craft Beer Subscription

Hey, look, it’s the gift that keeps on giving. If someone has been extra good this year, we’re talking number 1 on the nice list, treat them to an extra special craft beer subscription. With this subscription, a case of their favourite Beavertown lager, IPA or no-alcohol beer will be delivered to their door every month. No, it’s not too good to be true. This is a real thing!


Beavertown Accessories

Mugs, keyrings, coasters, pins, and even wrapping paper, a true Beavertown fanatic will want to fill their rocketships with allllll the Beavertown Accesories. Just sprinkle these in their stocking like icing sugar on a gingerbread house, and they’ll wake up as happy as can be! 


Beavertown Gift Card

If you’ve already filled their stockings but just need one teeny tiny little extra thing to finish it off, our Beavertown gift card is the answer! Small but mighty, a gift card holds all the power. And then they can choose whatever they want. Just pick a funky design and the amount you want to give and pop it in the stocking. Easy peasy.


Or Go All Out with Our Beer Advent Calendar

We’ve saved the best for last! Our craft beer advent calendar makes the jolliest Christmas gift. Sure, it might not fit in a stocking…and they might need it at the beginning of December…BUT it’ll be totally worth it. With 24 different beers, including some old favourites, new exclusives and a couple of little extra presents (yay, Christmas), it’ll definitely be the best advent calendar anyone has ever had! And if you’re treating someone else to this out-of-this-world advent calendar, you might as well get one for yourself, too. It’s only fair.


Explore our full range of Christmas beers and gifts. Go on. You know you want to.