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Gifts for Beer Lovers - Christmas Present Ideas

Know a beer snob? Sorry. We’ll start that again. *ahem* Know a beer lover? (that’s better.) Then you are in the right place! If you’re looking for the best gift for that person who is also banging on about lagers, IPAs, pale ales and some place called ‘The Taproom’ where the best beers are served in London, we’ve got you covered.

A beer isn’t just for Christmas. It’s for life. Which is why our beer gifts are great to give all year round! Whether you’re celebrating their arrival on earth or just want to let them know what an awesome human they are, keep reading for some gifting inspo.

Best Craft Beer Gifts

We're not biased. Honest. These really are the best beer gifts! Just ask anyone in the pub. They'll all say, 'woah, Beavertown know how to make presents. Wish my mates would get me something from there' - True story. We overheard it once. Definitely not making it up.

IPA Gifts

Everyone knows you’re not supposed to have favourites. Buuuuut, Neck Oil is like that child who sleeps through the night, the dog who always behaves on walks, the cat who waits patiently for breakfast and the rocketship that’s always shiny, clean and full of fuel. This session IPA is light and zingy with a perfect balance of hoppy flavours. Our Neck Oil Craft Bundle also comes with a funky pint glass or tumbler. Bonus!

Lager Gifts

If lager is more their thing, get ‘em a case of Bones. It’s dead good. Smooth, crisp and easy to drink, Bones is guaranteed to hit the spot. You can get Bones lager in a case of 12, 24 or 48 - depending on how much you like the person you’re buying for. 

Unusual Beer Gifts

Wanna get them a beer gift that isn’t actually beer? Thinking outside of the box. We like it. We’ve got loads of unusual beer gifts to choose from. Like a new set of pint glasses or tumblers with our extra special, extra cool and, well, just totally extra, designs all over them. Or how about a little pint t-shirt that beer lovers everywhere will admire? Or even a candle! That’s right. We have candles now. 

Beer Christmas Gift Ideas

Is it too early to mention the ‘C’ word? Nah! We LOVE Christmas (almost as much as we love Halloween). So, put on your Santa hats and start making your lists…and checking them twice.

We might even have a little something exciting brewing just in time for the festive fun.

Craft Beer Advent Calendar

Our out-of-this-world-famous, award-winning (in the Beavertown offices anyway), can’t-live-without Beer Advent Calendar is back for another year! Don’t all go tearing each other apart to get your hands on one. There’s plenty to go around! Featuring 24 different brews, including some old favourites, new exclusives (hello, super top secret mystery beer), a cool glass and something sparkly for the tree, this Advent Calendar is perfect for beer lovers - and Christmas lovers too, obviously. 

Craft Beer Subscription

Why stop with just one case of beer when you can give the gift that keeps on giving? (That was a bit of a mouthful, wasn’t it?) Our craft beer subscription, or Skullscription as we like to call it, delivers a case of their favourite beer every. single. month. Sign us all up! Getting a crate of beer delivered straight to the front door will make anyone's day. And, if you’re lucky, they might even invite you round to crack open a couple of cans. Worth it!

Christmas Beers

If your mate’s cupboards and fridge aren’t stocked with beer in December, are they even doing Christmas right? It’s prime beer-sipping season! So, sneak down their chimneys (in a non-creepy way) and fill up their stockings with some frightfully festive-flavoured fun. Our new Christmas beers will make taste buds jingle and tingle - what more could anyone want?! If you reallyyyyy want to go the extra mile, you can also get them our awesomely designed Christmas Cowboy Glass or let them put their feet up in our cosy Hail Santa Socks, too. Christmas? Sorted it.

Check out our beer gifts

You still can’t be stuck on gift ideas after all that, can you?! Well, lucky for you, you can browse our whole beer gifts collection and find something everyone, even your grumpy uncle or pet alien, will love.