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Spring Beers: Our Picks for 2024

Spring has once again sprung and with it the promise of longer, halcyon days filled with golden sunshine and nature reborn. So how better to celebrate Mother Nature’s rebirth than with the sound of birdsong in your ear and a delicious Spring beer in hand.


Spring beer is less a specific style than a mindset. Typically it refers to a lighter, more refreshing kind of beer as befits the changing of the seasons and the warmer weather. It’s hard to discern from his poetry whether Wordsworth enjoyed a pint, but it’s hard to imagine him chewing on a dark porter whilst staring at a daffodil. Far more likely a citrussy, refreshing Pale Ale, or tropical IPA. 


Thanks for asking. Well, here’s a handy list for you for when you find yourself weeping and overcome by the beauty of nature and / or pollen.

Best Tropical IPA: Sun God

Heard of Sun God? A divinely sun-baked nectarine and tropical fruited doozy of an IPA. And at 6.3% it’s the perfect drop to drink whilst you find the component parts of a time machine in your local beer garden.

Best Low Alcohol Beer: Satellite

Picture the scene – it’s an unseasonably warm Spring day, you’re sitting with mates in a beer garden, you’ve got a pint of super-sessionable 2.8% Satellite low ABV beer in your hand, it tastes of tropical pineapple and peach. Claire has sneezed for the 150th time because of her hayfever. Bliss.

Best Alcohol Free IPA: Lazer Crush

Light on alcohol, heavy on flavour. Sweet orange zestiness, grapefruit bitterness. Imagine drinking that whilst operating some heavy machinery. Which you can, because it’s alcohol free. Try Lazer Crush

Best Coffee Beer: Spresso

What with the changing of the clocks and the wall-to-wall baby lambs and smell of freshly cut grass, you need to ask yourself how best to take it all in, to get the most out of Spring? Well, the simple answer is: you need to stay up longer. Sure you want a beer, but you also want to be caffeinated.

Introducing Spresso, our absolute barnstormer of an coffee stout mixed with chocolate malt and midnight oil concentrate. Maybe if Wordsworth had had a few of these he could’ve banged out a few more poems? Just a thought. 

Stay Tuned For An Old Favourite Returning

And finally, watch the skies and keep the eyes peeled because a bloody ol' favourite of ours is beaming back down from the stars!

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