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Just Landed: Sun God Tropical IPA

Fellow beings, we have one question: have you been looking for the ultimate summer beer? Perhaps a Tropical IPA, bursting with nectarine flavour? You have? Then please, allow us to briefly blow our own trumpets in a catchy free-jazz fashion and tell you all about our new beer, Sun God. 

Taste Profile

Inspired by some of Beavertown’s most delicious beers of summers past, Sun God is a culmination of the very best - a juicy IPA teeming with tropical flavour, weighing in at a punchy 6.3% - offset with sun-baked nectarine flavours. Heavenly.

A TROPICAL IPA – the perfect summer beer

Sun God was made for warm weather, to refresh on the hottest of days. But if you’re still struggling to envisage when exactly you might enjoy this most divine of beers, then fear not, here are 5 situations in which Sun God is best enjoyed.  

  1. In the comfort of your own home 
  2. At a BBQ 
  3. With your mates, wherever the good times may take you 
  4. At the park 
  5. You find the component parts of a time machine in your local beer garden. The sun beats down as you consider whether to threaten the time / space continuum or whether to order a pint of delicious Sun God. Well, it is very hot. And you are very thirsty 


Sun God is available at your local Waitrose where it’s been flying off the shelves. So either head to Waitrose while the sun still shines to see what all the fuss is about. Or simply head online and have it delivered to your door, it’s that easy. [LINK].  


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