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The 6 Best Beers for Christmas

Every year seems to zoom by at the speed of light, doesn't it? One minute, we're sipping a Tropigamma on the beach, and the next, we're tucking into a Christmas dinner drowned in gravy and singing Rocket around the Xmas tree (pretty badly) with our cold Christmas beers in hand while wearing our festive space suits. Maybe we should double-check the hyperspeed settings.

Either way, whether you humbugs like it or not, the festive season is upon us! And we can't think of a better way to celebrate the most wonderful time of year than with good company, good food and good beer for Christmas. 

Let's face it: Christmas just wouldn't be complete without us. So, find your perfect beer for Christmas from our top six festive picks!


The brief from Beavertown bosses was simple: Neck Oil, but make it Christmassy. And boy, did we deliver like Santa down the chimney. The ultimate Christmas beer, our Saint Neck'olas (can you tell we're living for the festive puns?), is Neck Oil, but red. Ta-da! Your fave with a Christmas twist.

Note: Sorry folks, we're just SO in demand. While Saint Neck'olas cases are out of stock, it's still included in some of our festive bundles here.


Beer 2 - Spresso - Coffee Beer

Fancy something different? Something that will make people go, 'oooh, what've you got there, then?' Something that will combine your love of coffee, beer and Christmas? Well, let us introduce you to Spresso! Spresso is our ink-black coffee beer (or stout if you wanna be technical about it), made using chocolate malt and coffee concentrate. Yum.


Beer 3 - Smog Rocket - Smoked Porter

Need a present for Dad? Or even grandad? We're not saying smoked porters are for the oldies. But they do seem to love it. And our Smog Rocket smoked porter is definitely the best one! Not to be all emotional about it, but it was actually one of the very first beers we brewed and served at Duke's Brew & Que, where Beavertown was born. Using smoked and dark malts, this smokey, savoury delight pairs perfectly with Christmas dinner!


Beer 4 - 8 Ball - Rye IPA (Bundle)

Sing it with us now: '8 Ball sippin' by an open fire…'. A true Beavertown classic, our 8 Ball rye IPA (now only available as a bundle for a limited time, so hurry!) is the perfect wintry/Christmassy blend of spicy and nutty flavours. So, after a long day of eating, entertaining and general festive merriment, it doesn't get better than getting cosy by the fire with a can (or a glass) of warming 8 Ball.


Beer 5 - Lazer Crush - Alcohol-Free IPA

If you're the designated spaceship driver or just in the mood for a low-booze option during the endless Christmas parties, our alcohol-free IPA, Lazer Crush, is the perfect zap of flavour without the punch of alcohol. Win-win! Light and fruity (perfect for a pre-Christmas dinner appetiser), it has tasty sweet orange and grapefruit notes with a hint of pine – totally crushable any time (hey, that rhymed!) and only 0.3% ABV.


Beer 6 - Neck Oil - Session IPA

Just because it's had a festive makeover doesn't mean that you can't enjoy the OG Neck Oil session IPA during Christmas, too! It's light, zingy and down-to-Earth (but still an interstellar experience) and is an easy-drinking IPA beer at its finest. One of the best beers for Christmas dinner or for sipping at your New Year's knees-up. 


Can't Decide on a Beer for Christmas? Try a Beer Bundle!

Look, we get it; we've just got too many amazing beers for Christmas, and it's impossible to choose which one to go for! But fear not, earth dwellers, as we have a HUGE Christmas beer bundle that features some Beavertown classics, like Neck Oil, Gamma Ray and Bones and some newbies like Smog Rocket and 8 Ball, too. Plus, a Christmas pint class and a snack to get you all into the festive spirit.