Beavertown Collaboration Sessions

An out-of-this-world line up of bands and artists colliding together for 3 meteoric, summer parties in London, Manchester and Bristol. 

The rumours are true : The Beavertown Collaboration Sessions are back! 

Last Summer we sent hop-scented shockwaves through the music scenes of 5 of the UK’s largest cities. And this year we’re back for more as we crash land into London, Manchester and Bristol for 3 mega day-parties, with not one, but two stages!

London tickets are on sale now but watch this space for Manchester and Bristol...

We’ll define the sound of event by tapping into the cultural legacy of each city’s musical history, whilst drawing inspiration from the current scene. Championing unique musical fusion, blending diverse artists from various genres and styles to create extra-ordinary performances. 

Join the array of eclectic musicians, each with their roots firmly entrenched in the 3 cities, coming together and cutting loose for a massive party under a blazing Summer sun. 

And in case you’re more on the ‘Beer’ and food side of the Venn diagram, you can also expect an interstellar selection of Beavertown’s finest, as well as an array of delicious street food vendors. 

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So, gather your mates up, grab some tickets, brace yourself for the 2024 Beavertown Collaboration Sessions and get ready to have an awesome time together. 

We’ll be kicking off in London with a full takeover of East London’s Hackney Bridge on June 22nd. Tickets are £8 +bf per ticket for early birds and £12 +bf standard entry.

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