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5 Reasons to Try Low Alcohol Beer

Picture the scene: The sun’s out, powering through the clouds, you’re sitting in a park, when an incredible thirst for a beer suddenly hits you. But you’re driving later. Or maybe you’ve sworn off alcohol for a bit. If that scenario sounds familiar to you, we’ve got JUST the thing: low alcohol beer.

What is low ABV beer?

Is low-alcohol beer the same as non-alcoholic beer? We hear you ask. Nope! There is a slight difference between the two, which is important to know if you're on a night out and want to keep your alcohol intake low. 

Non-alcoholic beer generally has an ABV of 0.5% or lower. Low-alcohol beer on the other hand will range from 0.5% to 3.5% ABV. So, a bit more of a kick (paired with all the best flavours) but still not as much as a normal IPA. Another perk? Low-alcohol beers will also usually have fewer calories.

Why Choose Low Alcohol Beer?

Great Taste

Let's not beat around the bush here. Our alcohol-free and low-alcohol beers are definitely the best around. Because we said so, that's why. 

Actually it’s just because they’re that good. Alcohol free beers are great for those who love the taste of their favourite beers – just without the alcohol. 

Perfect for Weeknights

Sometimes you just want a beer. But it’s not always appropriate to drink a strong IPA on a random Wednesday. So if you want a beer but need to sip in moderation, a low-alcohol beer is a great solution. It’s not just for designated drivers.

Lower in Calories

You might be surprised to hear that low-alcohol beer is usually lower in calories. Although that’s not always the case since calories don't just come from the alcohol. Really, it all depends on the beer type and the process. Some breweries like to leave a little bit of extra sugar in the beer for extra flavouring and weight. And obviously, more sugar = more calories. 

But here at Beavertown, our low-alcohol beers aren’t just light on the booze. They’re also featherweight on the calories.

Perfect with food

There’s nothing like enjoying a good meal with a beer. It’s really the cherry on top of the cake… except, it’s beer. And a low-alcohol beer is great for enjoying with your meal. All that great flavour of your favourite brew, with a fraction of the alcohol. So you can enjoy your meal and still drive home from the restaurant or dinner party.

Saves You Money

Another reason to love low-alcohol beers? They’re cheaper than full booze options. So you can sip on a great-tasting beer, without breaking the bank. That stretch between December and January payday just got waaay shorter. 

Great for gaming or post-game pints

Whether you need concentration levels to be at an all-time high during an FPS session or if you want a little less guilt after enjoying a post-five-a-side-pint, low-alcohol beer has the perfect balance of taste vs strength so you can take cover and recover harmoniously.

Taste Satellite Super Session IPA

Looking for the perfect thirst-quencher to pull together a park picnic or a weeknight beer? Take Satellite for a spin, our low alcohol IPA. At 2.8% and 86 kcals it puts the ‘lite’ into ‘Satellite’. That’s almost certainly no coincidence as to why it’s called Satellite. Though you don’t just have to be sat while you drink it, try standing up, it’s also delicious crouching down.  It perfectly ties together a sunny BBQ in the park, or, coastguard allowing, on the beach. Be prepared to be bowled over by waves of tropical pineapple and peach. This is a beer in cosmic harmony.