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Lazer Crush - Behind the Scenes of Alcohol Free

Happy New Year, fellow invaders!

In the spirit of Crushing Jan this year, we wanted to show you ALL the behind the scenes action that went into making our favourite alcohol free beer; Lazer Crush (we know it’s your favourite too)!

We sat down with our brewer and beer whizz, Nikola, to talk about all things Lazer Crush, which will hopefully help you survive the January blues without falling off your rocket.

Thirsty for more? Well, crack open a can of Lazer Crush and keep scrolling…


Hi everyone!

How do you make alcohol free beer?

There are various ways to make alcohol free beer. Lazer Crush is produced in much the same way as any other beer, with one exception, the help of a unique yeast strain (it’s called Pichia). This amazing yeast strain creates the same great beer flavours we know and love from a standard yeast fermentation, just without the alcohol.

To find out more about all things alcohol free, we wrote another blog about it (yeah, we love this stuff).

How would you define the taste of Lazer Crush?

Peach iced tea, floral, elderflower blossom, citrus…to name a few. Plus it’s bittersweet, refreshing, light, crushable and lazerable.

Thirsty yet? Grab a Case of 24 Lazer Crush and we’ll throw in a free glass. But be quick, there’s only a few left! T&Cs Apply.

What were the challenges when creating Lazer Crush?

One of the biggest challenges in creating a non-alcoholic beer is replicating an alcohol beer taste and flavour profile. We did plenty of testing to make sure it smelt, tasted and looked delicious, paying special attention to the malt and hop aromas to create a perfect balance. We wanted to create a perfect balance, and we did just that!

When’s the best time to crack open a Lazer Crush?

That’s the best thing about Lazer Crush. You can drink it any time! It’s a laser-sharp IPA at a Monday to Sunday crushable 0.3% ABV.

We also think that if you’re doing an alcohol free Jan, it’s the perfect time to grab a can of Lazer Crush. For more alcohol free tips, have a little read of our blog. I know we’re biassed but we think it’s great.

What’s better? Lasers or crushing things?

Definitely lasers.

Need something to help you digest this info? Luckily for you, Beavertown's Lazer Crush is the perfect remedy. A non alcoholic IPA, perfect for all occasions, don’t take our word for it, take Nikola’s!