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Tips to Crush Jan

5,4,3,2,1 - BLAST OFF...uh we mean HAPPY NEW YEAR!

Alongside vowing to make your bed every morning, drinking more water (hydration is important), and aiming to build the best spaceship in the universe, January is a time for fresh starts and New Year’s resolutions. 

While some might be trying to take the stairs instead of the lift or finally learning to play Seven Nation Army on guitar and become a rockstar, others will be pledging to give up alcohol for the whole month. If you’re one of these brave pioneers (we salut you) and we have some tips for you.


If you want to feel more energised, get better sleep, want to try something new, and be able to boast to your mates that you’re officially tougher than them, no alcohol might be for you. It started in 2014 and challenges you to give up drinking alcohol for the whole of January. We’re not really ones for health trends (we prefer to forge our own star paths) but we DO enjoy a challenge.

People have reported feeling brighter and more energised, and having a little extra cash at the end of doing it so the benefits are pretty nice – beyond just the sense of achievement and the bragging rights we mean. 

Want to know more about all alcohol free things? Take a lil peak at our Alcohol Free Blog post.

1. Crush January with alcohol-free Lazer Crush

Don’t give up your dreams of finishing an alcohol free month early – opt for an alcohol-free beer instead. Lazer Crush is our alcohol-free IPA that uses a clever strain of yeast to ferment the beer without producing alcohol. It’s light on the booze but heavy on the flavour with bags of sweet orange zestiness and grapefruit bitterness– easy-drinking at its finest.

OH ALSO...if you buy a Case of 24 Lazer Crush, you'll get a free tumbler! Just add a Case of 24 Lazer Crush to you cart and we'll do the rest (but be quick because we're only giving away 500)! T&Cs Apply.

2. Try something new


January is a time for new beginnings so why not give something new a try? Unlock your inner rockstar with guitar lessons from Your Guitar Lessons on us! We’re giving you a month of free access this January to rediscover your inner rock and roller. Sign up to our mailing list below to hear about it soon!

3. Try something new...again

Musical instruments not really your thing? Maybe you've always wanted to improve your art skills? Well now’s the time! Beavertown's very own Nick Dwyer is here to help you crush January with a pencil (or pen) in hand. Join him as he teaches you how to draw some of Beavertown’s most iconic images. Sign up to our mailing list below to hear about it soon!

4. Treat yourself

Even if you’re still buying rounds down the pub (while sipping on Lazer Crush obvs), drinking less booze can still save you some money in the long run. Save up that spare cash and treat yourself to something as a reward for completing an alcohol free month. We don’t care what it is (although we have some pretty cool merch for you to pick up) just make sure it’s something you really, reeeaaaallllyyyy, REALLY want. 

5. remember to keep track

Keeping a visual record of how well you’re doing can help keep your thrusters blasting towards your goal. You could use a countdown app to keep track or go old school and get an actual calendar. Cross off each day you complete to help keep your momentum. Seeing how far you’ve already come is an excellent motivator for the next day, and the next, and the next, and… you get the gist. You’ll complete the whole month in no time.

Pssst...down here!

Whatever your reason for cutting out alcohol, you’re not alone on this interstellar mission! There’s a whole planet of people giving it a go as well so you have plenty of support behind you. Just think of all those stellar benefits awaiting you – feeling better rested, more energetic, and having some extra cash to boot. 

For more information about your new booze-free love, Lazer Crush, and our other alcohol free friendly options, check out our alcohol-free beer selection and we’ll see you (fresh faced and ready to take on the rest of your resolutions) in February!