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Beavertown's Halloween Sand Cipher

Are you ready? It’s the moment you’ve all been waiting for – the answer. To life. The universe. And more specifically, this code.

Having completed step 3 - the final UNIX Time code gives you Fri Feb 04 1977 00:00:00 GMT+0000, which is Friday 4th February, 1977. Or, when input into the answer box as DD/MM/YY:

The answer is 040277

But WHAT DOES THIS MEAN? Well that date is the world-famous day on Broadhaven beach where several UFOs the size of a bus were spotted by a group of schoolchildren in Pembrokeshire 45 years ago - see here for more info.


Well, the sigils on the inner circle correspond to Cooke & Wheatstone telegraph one-needle codes (a predecessor to Morse code). The symbols decode to spell "UNIX TIME GMT(stop)", the words neatly bracketed by the spirals in the design. Seems so obvious now.

The next step in decryption is to observe the eyes in the Beavertown skull ring. Beginning from the same starting point from the central sigils -- helpfully signposted by the (stop) symbol -- and taking an empty eye as 0 and a black eye as 1, the 15 skulls spell out the binary number 001101010101111101111010000000. Don’t understand? Try a Neck Oil then re-read.

Converting this binary number to decimal produces the number 223862400, and converting this number into a Unix timestamp as hinted by the inner ring gives the date & time: midnight GMT on Friday, February 4th 1977. If you cracked this without using any of the clues, congratulations on your planet-sized brain, you are the best of us.