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Dog Blog - A Blog for Dogs

Hello, we at Beavertown consider ourselves a progressive, forward thinking, inclusive company. Which, got us thinking, how many blogs for dogs have you seen? There are an estimated 900 million dogs on the planet, so why would you exclude such a large demographic? It just doesn’t make sense. Cue the Beavertown Dog Blog - the world’s first blog for dogs.  

So. Fashion. What should dogs be wearing these days?  


Introducing Leonard. Leonard is sporting a Beavertown dog collar and bandana, which lets other dogs know that he’s cool, he’s fashion-forward and he possibly belongs to a gang. He’s got one eye on the latest trends and the other eye trained on an unsuspecting squirrel that’s not going to know what’s hit him.


Our next model is Gracie. Gracie has a Masters in Journalism, so when she’s not wearing leads, she’s chasing them.

Interests include mud, rolling in things and a combination of the two. She says of the Beavertown lead: ‘It’s comfortable, it’s a great colour, and it allows me to take my owner wherever I want, and not the other way round.’


And finally we have ‘Machete’.

Machete is 6 years old and has modelled on the dogwalks of Paris, Milan and New York. Her favourite thing about herself is her ‘Never say die attitude’ and also her ears. Her preferred piece of apparel is the Beavertown neckerchief, as its skull motif gives her an air of danger. Favourite fact about herself: she came last in Crufts 2019 for fouling a polythene tunnel.

Clothes for Pals

And of course should you be looking for a gift for your owner this Christmas, why not consider a matching Dog Sweatshirt, Dog Beanie or Dog T-Shirt to hopefully up their limited style game.

We hope you enjoyed the Beavertown Dog Blog – made for dogs.