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Gifts for Dog Parents: 7 Gift Ideas

Know a proud dog parent? They are everywhere. They may even be writing this blog post. *Side eye*.

Throughout the year we buy so many people presents, for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries, valentines and sometimes just because we feel like it (depending on how nice we're feeling).

And for those people who are obsessed with their dogs, we're talking social media accounts dedicated to them, annual photoshoots and weekly trips for puppuccinos, kind of obsessed, we've got a bunch of rebarkable gifts for dog parents and their puptacular pooches too.

Gifts for Cool Canines

Sometimes, gifts for dogs = gifts for dog parents too. Obviously, dogs deserve the very best for being such good boys and girls. And seeing dogs happy makes their owners happy. They really are our fur babies.

1. Beavertown Dog Bandana

Want your dog (or your friend's dog) to be the coolest dog in the universe? Then get them the Beavertown bandana! Whether they've got a big dog or a tiny dog, any dog wearing this bandana will be a style icon. Every other bandana-less dog in the park will be so jealous.

2. Beavertown Dog Lead

If you're buying gifts for new dog owners, a Beavertown dog lead will be essential. For puppy dogs and grown-up dogs, a lead is a gift that will be used and appreciated daily. Soon enough, they'll have a whole collection of leads. But none of them will be as snazzy as Beavertown. 

3. Beavertown Dog Collar

Obviously, a matching Beavertown dog collar is needed to go with the lead. You don't want a dog to feel embarrassed by their clashing ensemble, do you?! Available in large, medium, and pint-sized, a dog collar can be worn on walkies (every dog's favourite time of day) or just casually around the house if they feel like dressing up.

Gifts for Dog Parents

As much as dogs deserve to be spoilt, the owners who revolve their lives around their favourite canines deserve to be spoiled, too! So, keep reading to find the best gifts for dog parents.

4. Beavertown Skull Dog Sweatshirt

Our Beavertown skull dog sweatshirt is a wooftastic gift for dog parents everywhere! Comfy and cosy and suitable for lying down in AND rolling over, they'll never want to wear anything else ever again. Hopefully, they will, though.  

5. Beavertown Skull Dog Joggers

If you're a pro dog walker, then you'll know the best gift for new dog owners is a pair of Beavertown skull dog joggers. What psycho walks their dogs in jeans? These joggers will keep every dog walker warm and casual for all those muddy walks, excitable jumping dogs, and chilly mornings.

6. Beavertown Skull Dog Beanie

Winter walks will never be the same again without our Beavertown skull dog beanie. This beanie is subtle enough for the shyer dog owners to say, 'I love my dog,' without needing to bark in everyone's faces about it. It's also the easiest way to keep ears toasty. And it looks cool. What more could anyone want from a gift?

7. Beavertown Skull Dog T-shirt

Yes, a basic white T-shirt isn't always the most exciting gift to give. But this is much more than a white T-shirt. This is a white Beavertown skull dog T-shirt. And any merchandise with a dog on it will make dog owners practically feral. Stylish and comfortable, this T-shirt can be worn to the park or at home. Ooooh versatile.

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